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The Simple Stuff:

I am learning about colour blending/mixing and the different ways of applying colour to a watercolour painting.  Both of this week’s offerings are wet on wet paintings on simple creations.  There is no drawing on the feather and minimal ink drawing on the flowers.  The flowers were drawn in about 2 minutes time.

For the feather, I brushed in some water in the general shape that I was hoping for, then using my pallet, I simply touched and gentle brushed in my first colour.  More water brushing and more touching with the additional colours, a little bit of bleeding colours, and in about 10 minutes I had a soft-looking feather.  I used a #12 paint brush to lay in my water and then a #8 and #4 to apply/bleed the colours.

The flowers were a similar process, but I used very wet water outlines and more bleeding to get the colours I was hoping for.  The drawing was very simple and basic.  I did not want to put too much detail in this picture, I just wanted a simple piece to work on.  I have learned to use a very light blue or grey to substitute for white, and I still need to work on that.

This was easy and fun, I am going to try a few more flowers, but this time I will try colouring them with watercolour pencils.  I’ll post them when I am done 😊

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