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Come Retire With Me!

Well hello there and welcome to my little corner of cyberspace.  I retired on December 01, 2021, and I retired early.  I did lots of searching around for information about retiring before I pulled the pin, but the majority of the information I found was all about financial readiness.  If I did not feel financially secure, I would not have retired, and neither should you.  

There is more to retirement than cashing your pension cheque, I hope and pray!

The information I found on the web is not for people who are retired, it is for younger people who should be preparing to retire in 20 or more years. 

What my goal here is, and the focus of this blog is to share my fascinating life experiences and to give a glimpse of other people’s experiences, as we actually retire.  Yes, I am a genuine, real-life retiree and so are the contributors to the Retirement Stories page!

Okay, I have driven across Canada and the USA, read all about it at my Retirement Travel Page. It was a great adventure, I have also given a brief blog report about my experience click here to read.

Next trip, we are going warm for the Cold month of January, keep watching!

All of my experiences; my wisdom and a bit of dry humor will give you an idea of what it is really like to retire and maybe gain an idea of what I (or you) can do better.

The inspiration for this site is “The Humans of New York,” web site, truly an inspirational space. I would like to have many voices guiding us pensioners as we grow into our spiritual realizations. If you have a story to share, let me know.

Come grow old with me!