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Come Retire With Me!

Welcome to at

If you’ve found your way to my page, you’re in for an excellent journey. is undergoing a transformation, as is this creator.  I am evolving from my original goal of relating in retirement stories and wisdom, to now becoming a hub for my personal artistic expression.  My direction in my retirement is now the world of drawing and watercolor painting.

Life is a canvas waiting to be painted, and retirement is the perfect time to explore new passions. After promoting retirement stories for a while, it became clear that the true essence of retirement lies not just in narratives but in the freedom to explore and express oneself. That’s why I’m shifting my focus to the world of art.  I’m tired and talking about retirement and am now just retired.

Do you believe that creativity knows no age limits? Well, you’re absolutely right! is where I will begin my journey, and you are welcome to look over my shoulder as I learn and explore on my way to artistic contentment!  I will also be inviting a few friends to join me along the way.

If you are someone who has always admired artwork, but felt hesitant to pick up a pencil/crayon/brush and create, then join in with me on my journey and maybe start yours as well.  You too can unleash your artistic potential.

You don’t need experience to begin, all you need is a desire to create and a few supplies as basic or as elaborate as you feel happy with!  So what are you waiting for, If I can do it, so can you, lets get busy on our masterworks!

Thank you for joining me on this exciting new chapter at I am re-energized.  Follow me quietly or stop in and make a comment along the way!

Come grow old with me!

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