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A quick sketch and splash:

Cool my friends, I am once again delighted to have had another fun filled week learning new tricks.  This week, I was learning to scribble and wash with colour.  So what is that? 

How fast can you draw something, include a few details and not lift your pen off the paper too often.  Three minutes per drawing and a quick bit of splash colour.  That is cool.  Yes, I was using a fine tip Sharpie, leaving my pencil in it’s pouch, and I liked it quiet a bit. 

My darling and I will be heading out on the road again before too long (we need to finish Route 66) so I am planning on bringing my drawing and painting instruments with me.  I am hoping to travel light, draw and paint quickly and. of course, try to improve.  This quick drawing and painting amuses me, I see more of it in my future.

Until then, yes, I need to practice. I offer you my quick sketches and watercolour splash; I had a wonderful week and am going to continue working on this!

Okay, this chicken is challenged, drawn in 3 minutes, then painted in one minute. I will get better.
The 3 minute dog and one minute splash, simple beginnings.
I used a water colour pencil for this quick drawing, different and water colour pencil crayons will defiantly become a part of my colour world.
Trying to scribble/sketch a more complicated scene and still do it quickly. This is where I will be doing more practice!!
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