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The Art of Nothingness

So I was sitting in front of my new Deluxe Artist’s Loft pencil crayon and felt marker kit creating magnificent drawings of trees and flowers.  I spent about two hours creating fourteen small drawings, doodles, I believe they are called.  I refuse to say that I wasted my time, I was doing something that I wanted to do.  There was no point, no end game and no reward other then the fact that I was enjoying me.

I would never have done this a few months ago, I would have had the Deluxe Artist’s Loft pencil crayon and felt pen kit, but it would be sitting in the spare bedroom collecting dust.  I have things in the spare room that I have acquired over time, but have not made the time to utilise.  I have trained myself over the years to make good use of my time, keep the ball rolling.

I am trying to reach back in time to when I could be happy just playing with the creative elements in my mind.  I loved Lego, even though I never built a castle or one of those fancy space ships.  Sometimes I would just put the pieces together on different shapes; walls don’t have to be straight, do they?  

I am starting to allow myself to spend my precious time appreciating the Art’s of Nothingness, drawing that no one will buy, much less look at, or I can knit a toque that no one will actually use or cook something that will make me fatter; but I am privileged to be able to idle my time with nothingness.  Somewhere between having a nap and sitting on a bench enjoying a few warm Sun rays.  It’s my time that has a new meaning.

I was out for my walk, bought a few groceries, picked up my prescriptions; I did a few chores/duties. Now, it is important to me to get some exercise, but I am finding that it is also important to practice the Art of Nothingness.  My once upon a time childhood world of just being with no expectations, no rewards; the ultimate self existence.  

I hear voices telling me that, “you’re wasting your time!”  We dare not waste time, we must find something to do, you could be lazy if you don’t “just do it!”  It is kind of nice being pointless for a while.  I hope you understand.

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