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Thunder Bay ON

Okay, we are here. We had a short 3-hour drive from Ignance that took about 6 hours. Thunder Bay is a nice little city, about 120,000 people. I am finally starting to understand why I am so nostalgic about many of the cities we are visiting. The buildings (many of them) are old. They remind me of when I was a little kid. Houses were small and had verandas or porches.

Driving tips, a 12-inch subway sandwich feeds 2 travelers quite nicely. Hotels are costing more than I had budgeted, but the food is less. Feeling old today 🙂

An old Coke machine still inyse!!
The old highway hot spots are still selling things. This is good because it breaks up the highway of trees.
Trees and pavement, yep, very nice the first few hundred miles!
But they can become repetitive. I can’t believe most of the #1 highway in Ontario is single-lane traffic with only the occasional passing lane!
To take a break us and other tourists will pull into roadside parks, which cost 5 dollars for two people, and let you admire trees and water.
We finally found Lake Superior, this is one big lake!
The geese are here as well as at home, and they are every bit as delightful. Won’t someone please come up with a fabulous recipe for these beasts? Honestly!
A quick view of Thunder Bay.
Watch for this picture in the future to become a minimalist masterpiece!
The Kia is running fine and we are so delighted with it!!

Take care and my best advice for Thunder Bay is to not waste your time looking for Mexican food here!

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  1. Laura Zambakian Laura Zambakian

    Wow, Deanna, fabulous pictures. What a great adventure you are having. I hope one day my hubby and I can make a trip like this. Keep on truckin’!

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