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Levis QC

Levis Quebec is just across the river from Quebec City. it is every bit as historical as Quebec city but is a better-kept secret. It is very hot and muggy and it feels a bit like it is going to rain, but temperature wise, we can adapt!

The back road to Levis is old and twisty and not very quick, but what you see truly defines my concept of Quebec.
Georges’s homes and parks ease the traveling soul and assure us that the journey is well worth the effort!
Quebec is dotted with churches and most offer parking and restrooms for travelers. They are also quite striking. They were built so long ago, that they don’t seem to quite fit with the other community buildings.
Who ever heard of putting stop signs on a highway?
Old churches are easy to visit and are very welcoming. Many have nice areas for a picnic lunch as well.
Many of the homes have porches just a few feet away from the road.
You start to suspect that there is something that is not being told about the weather when you start seeing signs alerting drivers to the possibility of snow machines!
Sometimes while riding as the passenger I like to experiment with different experiences. This is intentional Camera Movement.
Levis was originally a fort to defend against American invaders. The fort was closed in 1865 just before confederation. The British quit worrying about the Americans. I look forward to meeting with these Americans as our journey takes us South!
As I pointed out before, the Canadian flag still flies high in rural Quebec!
A scene from one of the parks near the St. Lawrence River.
Welcome to old Quebec City!
In many ways, it reminds me of Paris, including those gosh darn little Faits!
Quebec City is a tourist own, don’t be fooled. They have many offerings to separate you from your cash. They often win with me. Prices are higher, but not that bad, our sub sandwich, diet cola, and bag of chips lunch cost us 15.00 today as opposed to the usual 13.00.
I appreciate the fun advertising, the colour and the joy of the market!
My old friend Claude Berger, a trumpet player out front of the Hotel Frontenac. He was there when we last visited 12 years ago. He was great then and he was great today! Look him up on Youtube for some nice trumpet jazz.
Yes, Quebec City has problems with panhandlers, still looking for decent recipes!
Your prize for visiting Quebec City is a view of the Hotel Frontenac, it truly is one of Canada’s fine castles!!
A glimpse from the hillside park onto one of Canada’s most famous murals.
A few of the costumed characters you will meet during a visit.
And a rendition of Haliluja to end the day, all the street performers are playing this now. Off to Fredricton in the morning, heavy rain and heat possible!

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