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Golden BC

I am here!!! The four-hour drive from Kelowna took a lot longer due to stops at Diner on 6th where we had a wonderful breakfast and a highway that challenged us with traffic, rain, hail, and the wrath of the vacation Gods. If you don’t relax a bit, they come to get you, and since we did not relax enough in Kelowna.

Diner on 6th, Vernon BC

After a big breakfast in Vernon, we took a slow drive through the little town of Armstrong. It was a bit sad, we had close friends who lived there, but as the years passed we sort of lost touch. I am not sure where they are now. When traveling and visiting places that were once important it is hard not to have the occasional ghost pop up.

Just outside of armstrong

A few more childhood haunts along the way including the Hub Cap place in Grinrod. I have driven past this place for over 40 years and I finally stopped to take a few photos

Finally checking out the Hub Cap Place

A few more shots from my Day:

The Last Spike Site just before Revelstoke
The scenic route
Don’t be fooled, trafic sucked!
Distractions from the traffic.
At last, we arrive!!

Tomorrow it is on to Hinton. I am starting to appreciate the pace of travel we are setting and the distance we are going!! See you sometime tomorrow!!

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