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My Watercolour World

According to Wikipedia:
“Watercolor art dates back to the cave paintings of paleolithic Europe and has been used for manuscript illustration since at least Egyptian times, with particular prominence in the European Middle Ages.”

This is a new pastime and I am grateful to a friend from my camera club, (Thank You Paul), for pointing out to me that at one time drawing and painting with watercolours was taught in school along with writing and arithmetic. It was the forerunner of the, “Kodak Moment,” before we had Kodak.

People of all disciplines could paint and draw memories of their travels, their families and their environments. Many mapmakers, geologists, travelers, farmers and hunters practiced this form of artwork creating personal and, sometimes, published journals. In the way that we now use our digital cameras to snap a person or scene, at one time people would take a few moments to draw the memory they wish to keep.

I offer this link to a 10 minute video on the history of watercolour painting.

I urge everyone to get get some paints and a few brushes (pencils are cheap as well) at the dollar store, find some heavier paper and “Colour Your World.”, Thank you!!

Burger Haven, a popular local burger joint. I am trying to paint things are local to my world, having a ball!!
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