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My Basic Supplies

1.       Sketchbook/Watercolour Paper:

Sketchbooks come in a number of sizes and shapes.  They range in price from cheap (at your local Dollar type store) to quite expensive at an Art speciality shop.  Choose a size that feels comfortable for you, whether it’s a small pocket-sized book or a larger one. 

Watercolour paper should be 140-pound (lb) type; the use of water based paints is hard on lighter paper.  A good point to remember is that you can use the back of the Watercolour paper as well.

As you progress, you will figure out your needs.

2.       Pencils:

I have an assortment of pencils that I have collected over time.  From mechanical to regular, some are darker, some lighter.  I like to use ones that are a bit larger as they are easier for me to hold.  Experiment to find your needs,

3.       Eraser:

Oh yes, get one that will erase you lines cleanly.  I use the white ones over the pink ones.  I do not have a maluable one, but may try one in the future.

4.       Pencil Sharpener:

I have one of those sharpeners that takes 2 sizes of pencils because as I said before, the larger pencils are more comfortable for me. 

5.       Drawing Pens:

I have a few “Sharpie,” type pens that have the fine line tips.  I am finding that I use them more and more for drawing over what I have drawn with pencil.  When painting, they show up nicely.

6.       Charcoal or Conte Crayons (Optional):

For those interested in experimenting with different mediums, charcoal or conte crayons can add a different texture to your sketches.

7.       Blending Stumps/Tortillons:

These tools are useful for blending pencil or charcoal for smoother shading.  I have a set but use them only when I am not going to paint.  You will find your way.

8.       Ruler:

Yup, I have one of those 6 inch plastic ones. 

9.       Drawing Board:

A drawing board or a hard surface to support your sketchbook while you draw.  My drawing board is 12 X 16 inches and is made of pressed wood, about 1/8 of an inch thick.

10.     Storage for Supplies:

A pencil case or art box to keep your supplies organized and easily accessible.  I have several pencil type cases for pencils and brushes.

11.      Watercolour paint:

Big debate, big price differences.  I have a small set of cake type paints and I have a bunch of tube colours.  Better quality paints are easier to mix and are more colour consistent.  I am still learning about these things, do let me know your thoughts!

Remember, these are just the basics that I, a beginner, have, and you can always expand your collection as you progress in your artistic journey. Feel free to experiment with different materials and find what works best for your style!  

Happy shopping!

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