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Kathy Harms

A few years ago I became interested in how to tip the scales so that in any given day I can experience more positive emotion than negative emotion.

Have you ever gone through a time where you weren’t quite yourself? You weren’t “really” depressed, but you certainly weren’t flourishing. You were just…indifferent. Maybe you had low motivation and backed off projects and hobbies you usually had enthusiasm for? Maybe when people asked you how you were doing, it took energy to muster up a “Meh”? 

If you have, you aren’t alone. Apparently it’s a thing and it has a name – languishing.

It is the middle ground between clinical depression, and the state of flourishing, studied in positive psychology. 

I’m writing about my journey to help consolidate the tools and resources that have been the most helpful and formative to me along the way. It is my hope that some of the ideas that sparked curiosity and other positive emotions for me, may do the same for you.

I have 60 workdays remaining before I “retire”. Everything is going well and is completely on track for our move to Portugal; our home has sold, we have an apartment rented in Porto, and all the administrative steps related to moving to another country are proceeding as planned. My husband and I have a happy home life, and I have a good circle of friends and acquaintances who are supportive and inspiring. I should be skipping through my days, especially my weekends, as there is so much awesomeness happening now and even more promised for the future. 

Kathy is now retired, Her Blog address is

In Pursuit of Positive Emotions | Stepping into a lighter life (

Kathy is also a gifted Photographer, her website is:

Kathy Harms Photography

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