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Photos of My Journey

Where I have been, not where I am going. I have started doing slide

shows instead of Pictures, I hope you enjoy them!

We took a recent trip down the Washington and Oregon Coast, com on along for the ride !

In 2011 I turned a magical age in Paris, here is my story!

A slide show of our recent trip across Canada and back, 134 photos, and about 5 min. long

Slideshow of the journey home through the USA, with a quick stop in Niagara Falls (7 Min)
Emerald Lake, a place I visited often during my childhood. It hasn’t changed but is much busier. It is a comfort that it is still available to me just as I remembered
Water is Life, I give my tears.
My Rocky Mountains in the beautiful YoHo Valley!
Back in the good old days when tigers used to smoke!
My love affair with neon lights continues!
A wild night out in Edmonton AB