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The following is a list of friends who have assisted with the development of this website and have talents to offer that may be of interest to some of my visitors.


Dr. Carole Patrick (Ph.D., MA/ABS, RCC) is a Registered Clinical Counsellor and registered service provider for the First Nations Health Authority with over 30 years of experience assisting individuals in developing new strategies to deal with anxiety, depression, trauma, panic disorders and other issues that interfere with a fulfilling and healthy lifestyle. Through a holistic approach, Carole helps clients find a balance between their emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual selves.

Kathy Harms Blog and Photography:

Kathy’s story is on my Retirement Stories Page, she is an awesome photographer and a standout blogger! Be sure to visit and read WHEN IT’S ALL AWESOME, BUT YOU DON’T FEEL AWESOME. We have all been there, and Kathy has a way out.


Here I am going to write about myself, my immigration experiences, my behind-the-scenes podcast, and the movies I like; this blog is updated every two weeks and is a bit irregular. Iranian writing, so you may need to use google translate.

امیر ابویسانی هستم.

اینجا قراره بنویسم از خودم، از تجربه‌های مهاجرتم، از پشت صحنه پادکستم، از فیلم‌هایی که دوست دارم، و …

این وبلاگ هر یکی دوهفته و کمی نامنظم به‌روز می‌شود.