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Toys to Take into Retirement, or, Pensioners are Good for the Economy

There are additional expenses that we have to pay when we retire. I found my first one the other day at the drugstore.  Changes have been made to my Pharmacare plan and instead of just picking up my prescription and chatting nonsense with the pharmacist, I found that she wanted an additional $70.00 from me. 

Yippee-ki-yay Moth….

On December 01, I took all of my office toys, computer, cell phone, key cards, and memory sticks into the office for the last time.  They had a nice little party for me, fed me and gave me a nice plaque with a very nice letter from the CEO.  I didn’t really talk about my mother’s passing or father-in-law’s failing health.  I chatted at length with all my old buddies then I came home.