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Okay, it is December

Last updated on December 12, 2022

Okay, it is December, I have been retired for a year now and I have done quite a few things, and not so much of other things.  I am feeling old, I am where I think my parents should be.  Last week I was thinking about writing about my ice skates.  How they sit on the floor of my closet and how I will probably never go skating again.  I am not that agile, getting kind of stiff.  The problem is that if I survive the fall, I may not be able to get up again.  However, I have found a way to better express my ageism.

This is a Hurdy-gurdy, I finally know. Donovan would be so proud.

Do you have any idea what this is a picture of?  That’s right, it is a Hurdy-gurdy.  Remember that Donivan song, “Hurdy-gurdy Man.”  It was about a man who played this musical ancient instrument.  It is operated by a small hand crank at the base and is sort of a violin.  I don’t believe that Gibson or Fender are still making them but check for yourself if you are interested.

So what does this have to do with me getting older, exploring my ageism?  This afternoon my darling and I attended one of those December, get in the spirit Christmas concerts.  It was the Vancouver Welsh Men’s Choir with special guests, Winter Harp. 

Two harps are better than one!

Yes, I spent my afternoon listing to Welsh Men sing songs, many in a language I absolutely no affinity for, I listened to Medieval women play harps and sing with voices that cut into me rather than poked me in the eye, and had wonderful, seasonal poetry read to me by a well-spoken bard (who was also a Hurdy-gurdy player/man).  I loved every moment of this, it was simply wonderful.

The Bard is testifying!

If anyone had told me not that many years ago that I, in my retirement, would enjoy Medieval Music, poetry and a healthy dose of non-rock, non-blues music, I may have quipped, “shoot me now.”  Instead, here I am confiding with you my dear friends that I had a beautiful afternoon that made me happy and filled me with a bit of the Christmas spirit.  If you can believe it, they are up there with the Shady Island Jam Factory

Vancouver Welsh Men’s Choir with special guests, Winter Harp

Thank you to the Vancouver Welsh Men’s Choir with special guests, Winter Harp, 

Christmas Times a Coming.

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