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Okay, I figured it out!

It took me almost 2 years into retirement to figure out what retirement is truly all about.

I used to think along the lines of myself being an elder and passing sage wisdom on to those who follow behind (yeah you need to wait a few lines).  Apparently, there are a number of us sage wisdom givers out there and I am not in demand as much as I thought I would be. 

(If you would like my services, my rates are $5.00 for five good minutes and I can advise you on anything, I do know it all).

My website, once filled with in depth coverage of all things elder, while it has kept me amused, has really not offered anything new to the world or me.  There have been no breakthroughs, no startling revelations, and no epiphanies.

So, what is it that I have figured out, (here it comes, drumroll), retirement is about letting go.  I feel kind of dumb about not figuring it out sooner.

I have now realized that instead of bundling my vast knowledge on everything into one big book (or video or cosmic asteroid?), I should take up sketching as a simple and joyful hobby.  Instead of advising anyone who can/will listen to me, I should look for an interesting/relaxing/fun little getaway.  Instead of trying to save the world from Retirement hell, I should stick to my own personal needs, lately a sketch book and pencil crayons and camera.

I said Retirement is a time to let go, and I now let go of things like trying to save the world from demons and devils.  I let go of trying to keep in touch with everyone I ever once worked with, I release travel to Antarctica, Machu Picchu, the North Pole, Greenland, and other saga type destinations.  They are not worth my effort anymore; they never really were.  I was a victim of good marketing. 

I keep Paris, London, Vienna, Ireland, Germany and all the other Western European countries with big airports, decent weather and reasonable hotel rooms!  The dream of meeting worldly travellers in hostels where we sit up late solving the worlds problems no longer does it for me (I don’t stay up that late anymore).

I have driven across Canada, an amazing experience I will hold in my heart to my dying day, (My Gold Medal). By setting myself free and shedding a few big-ticket fantasies, I can pick up and go for a few days, a week, or more anytime I wish, I am released of the ties that bind.  I can travel to places that make me happy, that make me smile; anywhere I want to go.  I can have as many vacations as I wish, it is all up to me.

I am cleaning my home and getting rid of the things I personally do not need, if there is something you want and I am getting rid of it, by all means, take it to your space.  Antique furniture is gone, I want clean and impersonable, let someone else worry about the good stuff, I don’t need the good stuff. 

Sentimental trinkets I release along with the big heavy stuff.  Record albums, old, favored cameras, tools I never use (I really like tools), books I will never read again, heavy crap (I love my e-reader).  I will be releasing things that I hold dear, but no longer wish to carry.  I spent a lot of years accepting things into my life, that big wooden Salad bowl, that big fu#$%&@ trunk filled with stuff, the vintage musical instruments, the gym stuff and, the old art hanging on my wall that I am sick of!

Retirement is a time to Let go of the things that have weighed you down or held you back, many of the same things I worked hard to acquire.  I have carried “stuff” for long enough, and if no one else wishes to carry it, so be it. 

I am going to go for a drive to the Grand Canyon in a few days, we have some clothing, cameras, sketch pads and a lot of really good music compliments of Spotify.  The SUV is still running well, and I am still able to enjoy a road trip with lots of stops.

I have a vision of a field with millions of flowers bowing, swaying, and dancing with the wind, and now I am one of them; that’s all I ever really wanted. 

I am a sensation, I made it to this space.

I will check in next time I feel like it!

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